Say Alexa/Hey Google, Talk to Mastermind
Alexa/Hey Google, Ask Mastermind to…
Say the following directly to the Mastermind app on your phone

Start the conversation over

“Start Over”

Notifications (Android Only)

“Get my notifications”

“What was that?”

“Get the last notification”

“Clear my notifications”

Read Text Messages (Android Only)

“Any new messages?”

“Get my messages”

“Read my messages”

“Read my text messages”

Send Text Messages

“Text Jane Doe”

“Send message”

“Text John Doe, I’m running 15 minutes behind”

Send Emails

“Email Jane Doe”

“Send email”

“Email Jane Doe, Are we still on for the meeting this afternoon?”

Find Your Phone

“Ring my phone”

“Find my phone”

Make Phone Calls

“Call John Doe”

“Make a phone call”

“Place a call”

Get Caller-ID (Android Only)

“Who’s calling?”

Get Status Updates

“Get my status update”

“Get my briefing”

Get your Calendar

“Get my schedule”

“Get my calendar”

“What’s on my calendar”

“What’s my next meeting?”

Share your location

“Where am I?”

“Send my current location to Jane Doe”

“Email my current location to John Doe”

“Text my current location to John Doe”

Google Maps Navigation

“Navigate to Whole Foods”

“Navigate to 301 Anchor Lane”

“Start navigation”

Take Notes

“Take a note”

“Note to self”

“Note to self, Susan’s dog’s name is Fluffy”

Follow up Actions

“Email that to me”

“Email that to John Doe”

“Text that to Jane Doe”

“Send that to John Doe”

Web Search

“Search for [search term]”

“Search for [search term] + Email that to me”

“Search for [search term] + Email that to John Doe”

Local Info

“Find coffee shops near me”

“Find the highest rated taco restaurants in Austin, Texas”

“Find the nearest CVS”

Create Reading Lists

“Get my reading list”

“Clear my reading list”

Access info about your Phone

“What’s my battery level?”

“Get my data usage”

“Get my app usage”

Control your Phone (Android Only)

“Turn on/off do not disturb”

“Turn on/off WiFi”

“Turn on/off Bluetooth”

Launch Apps (Android Only)

“Launch Facebook”

“Start Spotify”

“Start Youtube”

Turn on your TV (Android Only)

“Turn on/off the TV”

“Start Casting”

“Stop Casting”